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Yes, MoneyJournee-Cares and wishes that each and every penny of your assets & estate be it movable or immovable is smoothly & peacefully transferred to your loved ones.

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What we wish to say?

As per the The Economic Times July 6, 2021 Edition, the magnitude of unclaimed money with various banks & financial institutions is approximately to the tune of 82,000 crores. With such a magnitude one can very well imagine the number of families who are unable to access their rightful inheritance.

We accumulate too many assets and investments(recommended & sold to us by our relatives, bankers, friends and even unknown telecallers), about which, no one in our family, even knows and we ourselves sometimes forget about these assets.The reasons might be numerous like one may too busy or too unorganised but the solution is only one.

What we offer?

You can enter this corner via "MoneyJournee-Cares" & preserve the available details here including your demat account numbers, bank account numbers, bank FDs, real estate & all other investment details, whatever you remember at a time and keep on updating these on a regular basis. Moreover you need not enter the details of investments made through us, of that we will take care.

What we promise?

We promise to help & assist your dear ones, nominees etc. in getting your each penny transferred to them smoothly.