Mutual Fund Quartile Ranking

Scheme Name Launch Date 1 year Returns (%) Current Quarter Quartile Rank Returns for last quarter (%) Last Quarter Quartile Rank returns for quarter before last (%) Quarter before last Quartile Rank
HDFC Multi Cap Fund Gr 10-12-2021 28.59 Top Quartile 30.05 Top Quartile 36.47 Top Quartile
Nippon India Multi Cap Gr Gr 25-03-2005 28.14 Top Quartile 29.07 Top Quartile 37.59 Top Quartile
Kotak Multicap Fund Reg Gr 29-09-2021 27.07 Upper Middle Quartile 28.79 Top Quartile 32.22 Top Quartile
ITI Multi Cap Reg Gr 15-05-2019 25.18 Upper Middle Quartile 25.09 Upper Middle Quartile 28.15 Upper Middle Quartile
Axis Multicap Fund Reg Gr 05-12-2021 24.0 Upper Middle Quartile 21.38 Lower Middle Quartile 27.2 Lower Middle Quartile
Mahindra Manulife Multi Cap Fund Reg Gr 05-05-2017 23.71 Upper Middle Quartile 23.48 Upper Middle Quartile 27.09 Lower Middle Quartile
ICICI Pru Multi Cap Gr 01-10-1994 22.53 Lower Middle Quartile 24.06 Upper Middle Quartile 28.2 Upper Middle Quartile
LIC MF Multi Cap Fund Reg Gr 31-10-2022 22.33 Lower Middle Quartile - - - -
Invesco India Multi Cap Gr 17-03-2008 21.8 Lower Middle Quartile 20.48 Lower Middle Quartile 25.48 Lower Middle Quartile
Baroda BNP Paribas Multi Cap Plan A Gr 12-09-2003 20.88 Lower Middle Quartile 19.47 Lower Middle Quartile 25.9 Lower Middle Quartile
Bandhan Multi Cap Fund Reg Gr 02-12-2021 20.2 Lower Middle Quartile 21.49 Lower Middle Quartile 28.46 Upper Middle Quartile
Sundaram Multi Cap Fund Gr 05-01-2013 18.84 Bottom Quartile 17.19 Bottom Quartile 21.15 Bottom Quartile
ABSL Multi-Cap Fund Reg Gr 07-05-2021 18.51 Bottom Quartile 20.59 Lower Middle Quartile 23.15 Bottom Quartile
SBI Multicap Fund Reg Gr 10-03-2022 16.2 Bottom Quartile 14.08 Bottom Quartile 20.29 Bottom Quartile
Quant Active Fund Gr 21-03-2001 13.31 Bottom Quartile 17.22 Bottom Quartile 24.88 Lower Middle Quartile

Quartile rankings are a measure of how well a mutual fund has performed against all other funds in its category. The rankings range from "Top Quartile" to "Bottom Quartile" for all time periods covered in our drop down menu above. Mutual funds with the highest percent returns in the chosen time period are assigned to "Top Quartile", whereas those with the lowest returns are assigned to "Bottom Quartile". Quartile rankings are compiled by sorting the funds based on trailing returns over a period chosen by the user. Funds in the top 25% are assigned the ranking of "Top Quartile", the next 25% are assigned a ranking of "Upper Middle Quartile", the next 25% after that are assigned a ranking of "Lower Middle Quartile" and the lowest 25% are assigned the ranking of "Bottom Quartile". While, the current quartile ranking of a mutual fund scheme is important, what is even more important, is the consistency of quartile ranking across several quarters, as shown in the table below.